COFP Raffle has Begun! Time to by tickets before they are gone!

Ready, Set, Sell!! COFP is officially selling raffle tickets for the largest fundraiser we have ever put on. Over $27,000 in prizes. You can scan the QR code below to purchase tickets or Venmo @cofp-softball $25 per 1 ticket or 5 tickets for $100. A max of 3,000 tickets will be sold! Please be sure to include your phone number and email in the venmo memo and the raffle ticket number will be sent to you along with a photo of your ticket. Your ticket will be entered in to our live drawing on Thursday, May 12th, 7:30pm @ Avid Cider in Bend. Need not be present to win! You may also purchase tickets from any current player with COFP Avalanche, ARC Alliance or Crossfire.

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