Avalanche – 1, Rain/Hail/Thunder – 0

There was no stopping the Avalanche 14U despite some pretty horrible conditions this weekend!  Saturday saw a local thunderstorm and rain come down in sheets in Lebanon, delaying play more than 90 minutes.  With the loss of a dirt field and only one synthetic turf field to play on, the TD set games to play every 50 minutes each hour to get in as many games as possible. The Avalanche took game 1, beating the South Coast Revolution in 2 (count’em, 2) innings.  Second game was a forfeit placing our girls into a 10 am start on Sunday.

Luckily the weather was better on Sunday, but with only one field to play on, the games remained compressed, with the Avalanche beating the SK Stars (St. Clair) in 4 innings and the South Albany HS Redhawks in 6 innings.  The final game was dropped to the South Valley Storm (Chitwood) in a late score in the 7th inning, leaving our girls in 2nd overall.

The Avalanche 12U were rained out after playing two games in Canby.  The girls put together a solid game against the home town Canby Rebels, taking the win in an 8-4 decision.  The girls would drop their second game to the Oregon Thunder before the tournament was eventually called due to rain.

We love watching our girls play!  Go Avalanche!


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