Central Oregon Fastpitch will be hosting a pitching and hitting clinic led by Nyree White in Bend on September 16th. The pitching clinic will run from 9am-12pm for $80. The hitting clinic will run from 1pm-4pm for $80. Sign up for both pitching and hitting clinics for $150. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to learn from a world class athlete!!

Please use the link below to sign up! You’ll receive a confirmation email with details on location and what do bring once you are registered.


Payment options- please click the link below to pay in advance through PayPal. Cash, check or card can be taken the day of the clinic as well.

Steps to pay online for the Nyree White Pitching/Hitting Clinic: ($80/session or $150 for both)


1. Log in to your account or create a PayPal account
2. send money – enter the email address associated with our COFP organization cofpsoftball@gmail.com
4. Enter the dollar amount and click next ($80 per session or $150 for both)
5. There is a line that says “add a note”. This is where you will enter the participants name and if it’s for hitting or pitching to ensure we allocate payment correctly.

If you have any questions please email cofpsoftball@gmail.com

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