Avalanche 14U-White Sweeps in Medford to take the Turf Wars Title

COFP’s 14U-White team came away with a sweep and the Gold Bracket Title at the Red Robin Turf Wars tournament in Medford, Oregon this weekend.  It all started on Saturday with a tough match up against cross town rivals High Desert Yellow Jackets.  While the White squad got ahead early in the game, the Yellow Jackets came back in the top of the fourth with a vengence to tie up the game at 10 apiece.  It took a two out rally for the Avalanche to grab the win in the final inning.

The girls played well from there on out and by the end of the day had qualified as the number 2 seed in the tournament.

On Sunday, the Ashland Rumble advanced to face the White squad in a game that would remain tight until the bottom of the 5th inning.  A three RBI triple would put the Avalanche in the lead for the final time and eventually led to the 9-5 victory.

The toughest game of the day came in the Championship Game against the Grants Pass Fast Pitch team.  The Avalanche got out to an early lead in the top of the first inning, but were matched by a 3 run out of the park homer by the GP pitcher #9 Martin and a well hit single to score a runner.  The Avalanche retook the lead in the second with a clutch center field line drive by right-fielder Mackenzie Tucker to drive in Sophie Weathers.  The Avalanche would continue to widen the gap for the rest of the game.  When time ran out in the bottom of the 5th inning, pitcher Gracie Goewey gave up two runs, but struck out three batters to end the game and win the championship.

It was a long weekend punctuated by rain and sunburns both.  As always, very proud of these girls!  Go Avalanche!


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