12U and 14U teams battle at tournaments

The Avalanche 14U and 12U teams played well and played hard at this weekends tournaments.  Sunny skies prevailed over both venues and the girls soaked up the sun and let the bats and gloves do the talking on the field.

The 14U squad got off to a great start, dominating the top of the first inning with 8 runs against the Sting.  It was two consecutive innings of 4 runs each created a lead too large for the opposing team to overcome.  The 14U then faced off in a tough match against the Oregon Titans, where they held the lead through 3 innings before succumbing in the bottom of the 4th in a 5-4 decision.

Sunday play for the 14U would see two close losses to the Idaho Sliders and a towering 9-2 win over the UC Lightning.

The 12U teams started off strong with a tough match-up against the Corvallis Lady Knights, emerging at the end of 6 innings with a 6-2 victory.  In the second match-up of the day, the Avalanche took a beating in the second inning that signaled just how tough the Canby Rebels were.  The ladies rallied for the 3rd game of the day.  Buoyed by determination and some well timed pump-up music, the girls played a stellar game with an 11-1 result against the Silver Bullets from Beaverton and earned another appearance in the Gold Brackets.

Sunday pitted the Avalanche against the Aftershock Black team from Salem.  The Avalanche took an early 3-1 lead and played strong through the whole game.  Victory was denied by the Aftershock when they broke loose with 4 runs in the 4th inning.

As always, we’re proud of these ladies and the great athleticism and sportsmanship they show.  Go Avalanche!

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