12U Game Weekend #3 – Newberg (not West Linn). 14U takes weekend off.

Yes, it’s true, we are Newberg bound this weekend.  Fields could not accommodate our crew this weekend in West Linn, and frankly the forecast looks pretty yucky there.  Newberg is getting some sun today and tomorrow with temps in the low 80s, hoping to dry up those fields!  We have been switched to the C3 and C4 fields at Crater Complex this weekend, as well, which are in a little better shape than the upper fields are.  Plan on moderate temps and maybe a rain shower or two.

We’ll face the Fireballs for the first time at 3:10 pm (arrive by 1:30 pm) and the NW Shock at 6:20 for the second time.  Schedule linked here.  Dark blue uniforms with Light blue socks and belt!

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